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Micah Sloat is a character in Paranormal Activity. He is the boyfriend of Katie Featherston.

Paranormal ActivityEdit

Micah get a camera documenting strange happenings that have recently been occuring around the house. As things gradually get worse over time they call in an expert who deals with paranormal phenomena. He tells them that what has been haunting them is not a ghost but a demon which feeds off there negative energy. He tells them that they should avoid trying to mees with it and tells them he will get in contact with a demonologist who is more fit for there cause. Micah continues to taunt the entity against Katie's wishes. Things get to get to the point were they can no longer stand being in the house and decide to spend the night in a motel, but Katie suddenly assures him that everything will be fine. On the night of October 8, a possessed Katie walks down stairs making a loud scream. This wakes Micah who rushes down stairs to see whats the matter. He suddenly screams as well and everything then goes silent. After a long pause loud footsteps are heared coming back up the stairs and the possesed Katie throws Micah's lifeless body at the camera before stareing into the camera which fades to black.

Paranormal Activity 2Edit

The events of Paranormal Activity 2 take place before its predecessor. Micah is shown interacting with the Rey family showing alot of interest in Ali's hand held camera which he would later use to film the events that take place in Paranormal Activity.