Daniel is newly married to Kristi after the death of his years prior. He is the father of both Ali and Hunter Rey

Paranormal Activity 2Edit

In Paranormal Activity 2 Daniel is the father of Ali and Hunter Rey, and the husband of Kristi Rey (nee Featherston).After they believe their house is burgled Daniel purchases several cameras and sets them up around the house, even though the activity is caught on tape Daniel isn't convinced that the house is haunted. After Kristi is possessed Daniel invites Martine round and they perform an Exorcism on Krsit, causing the Demon to be transmitted over to Katie. At the end of the movie (set after the ending of Paranormal Activity) Katie is possessed by the Demon and after murdering Micah she goes over to the Rey household, while Daniel is sitting on the sofa Katie snaps Daniel's neck and kills him instantly.