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Ali Rey is the teenaged daughter of Daniel Rey in Paranormal Activity 2 who is newly married to her new step mother Kristi. She is also the older half sister of the infant Hunter.

Paranormal Activity 2Edit

in Paranormal Activity 2 Ali appears as the daughter of Dan Rey and the step daughter of Kristi Rey, and the half sister of Hunter. Upon bringing Hunter home from the hospital after his birth, Ali begins to video tape his life and eventually when the activity starts Kristi and Ali are convinced the house is haunted. One night while Kristi and Dan go out for dinner Ali is left to look after Hunter, when her boyfriend leaves the house after using an Ouija Board weird activity occurs. Ali goes outside after someone knocks on the door to find nobody is there, then the door slams shut by itself. When Ali gets back in she is scared by what happens but Dan doesn't beleive it's a ghost, one night Ali heads downstairs and finds one of Hunter's toys moving by itself then weird noises happening. The next day when Kristi is seemingly possessed by the Demon Ali becomes scared and frustrated, so her and her father try to find a way to deal with the Demon. They invite their old house keeper Martine round and she performs an Exorcism, transmitting the Demon over to Katie (Kristi's sister). In the end credits it is said that Ali returned home from a school trip to find Dan and Kristi Rey dead and Hunter has been kidnapped by Katie, it is likely that Ali goes to live with her mother or another relative...